We leverage Uptake's people, technology and expertise in data-driven insight to address the world's most pressing problems.


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Data for Social Impact

beyond.uptake partners with visionary social enterprises that are tackling some of the world's most pressing challenges across the social sector. By doing what we do best—harnessing the power of data—beyond.uptake aims to drive innovation and support groundbreaking philanthropic and civic initiatives across the social sectors.


Uptakers apply their unique genius in data science and engineering to address important social problems.

We use our world-class predictive analytics and machine learning platform to develop tools for social change.

Social Change
beyond.uptake’s data solutions lead to more vibrant and healthier local, national and global communities.



Social Sector Solutions

Data has the potential to revolutionize how the social sector works and yet many organizations struggle to gain the talent and tools necessary to turn data into impact. Working in partnership with social enterprises, we create innovative data tools and applications that help make the world a better place. We work in:


Human Rights
From human trafficking to mass incarceration, we work with organizations promoting justice and equality for all.


We partner with educational organizations who are deeply devoted to increasing educational outcomes.


Natural Resources
Whether protecting fisheries or identifying poaching, we team up with those protecting Earth’s most important assets.

We partner with social enterprises who support smallholder farmers with the resources to break the subsistence cycle.


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What does beyond.uptake do?

We leverage the Uptake team and technology to develop data products and tools that solve big problems. We partner with non-profits, social enterprises, and foundations to create data models and applications that can be scaled across many organizations working to address big social challenges.

Why does beyond.uptake exist?

Social enterprises are attacking some of the biggest problems in the world, from human trafficking to education to managing our natural resources. Data science enables these organizations to measure and increase their social impact by taking informed action. beyond.uptake partners with organizations that do not have the resources to invest in sophisticated data science or world class analysts by giving them access to our own.

How is beyond.uptake funded?

The foundation is funded by the internal resources of Uptake. beyond.uptake is an extension of our corporate values and our company mission. It is the philanthropic and civic innovation arm of Uptake.

How do I suggest a project or partnership?

We want to partner with data-driven social impact organizations. There are generally three criteria to working with beyond.uptake: 

  1. Currently collect or have access to digital data in Excel, CSV files, Salesforce or other structured format/database
  2. Have an internal leader who is willing to take ownership of the project and drive it forward. 
  3. Have a problem or decision that data can address and with which they have the ability to take action.

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